A sneak Peek into the Little Known Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Your Health and skin

You must have definitely heard of activated charcoal in TV commercials of face washes, face creams but have you ever wondered about the many benefits of this component? In the medical field, activated charcoal has been used since a long time now to treat poisoning caused due to drugs, chemicals, and snake bites and is also one of the main things used in water filters. Nowadays activated charcoal has reached home and is now easily available in any chemist shop in the form of tablets and capsules. Active charcoal is mixed with oxygen and then it is used to prepare for human skincare products.

    • Exfoliates your skin: You may feel it looks silly but the carbonated bubble clay mask is perhaps the brand new health hack which has got too many people talking about charcoal. Once you apply the grey cream on your face and leave it for few minutes, the mask starts bubbling and your face looks like light grey cloud. These bubbles exfoliate the ski and leave your skin looking fresh and glowing. You can buy activated charcoal and products containing it online.


  • Whitens your teeth: Though you may run the risk of looking like an alien from a zombie film when you go to try out this extremely natural remedy for your teeth, but there are many people who swear by the thing that it has got immense teeth whitening powers. The natural adhesive qualities of charcoal allow it to bind with all strains on your teeth surface and helps eliminate them.

  • Rids off bloating: Feeling uncomfortable and bloated is something which we all have experienced but don’t you think it would be nice to treat your disturbed tummy with charcoal pills rather than treating it with medicine? A medical study found out that activated charcoal prevents gas from forming inside the intestine even after eating a gas-producing meal. Hence you can look for activated charcoal to stop your gastro problems.

  • Eliminates hangovers: Do you feel that those hangovers will gradually get worse to worst as you get older? Though charcoal is not able to absorb alcohol, it can definitely take care of all the other toxins which are left inside our body after drinking different kinds of alcohol. If you take activated charcoal capsule after drinking, you can definitely get rid of the strange feeling of hangover.

  • Blackhead and acne treatment: When your pores get blocked, blackheads and acne appear on your skin. You may depend on charcoal to sort out all such tough-to-cleanse areas by pulling off impurities and dirt. There are many others who feel that applying charcoal along with natural ingredients can do good to their skin. Much like a mud bath or mud facial for your face!

The absorbing power of charcoal makes it a useful substance which is used for treating many kind of health discomforts. It can also be highly effective in curing a stomach upset. Take into account the above benefits before using active charcoal for anything.

Lose Weight and Burn Body Fat with Protein Shakes

Are you tired of trying out different means for losing body weight? Have you been hitting the gym and working out really hard and still not getting the desirable results? Well, these are common problems from which majority of people suffer seeking weight loss. It might seem strange but it is true that protein can help in losing weight effectively. Getting the right amount of protein can help in boosting the overall metabolism of your system. As a result, you can lose body fat effectively without compromising with gained muscle mass. With the right kind of protein drinks and shakes, your appetite will be curbed significantly, which will reduce impulsive eating and restrict intake of calories.

Comprehensive information about protein shakes

As the name indicates, protein shakes are made by adding water to protein powders. In many places, milk or other forms of liquids can also be added to the protein powder as well. These shakes are among best protein supplements and can be added to the diet easily when other kinds of high protein foods are not accessible. Basically general people do not need these shakes as their protein requirement is compensated with the foods that they intake. burn-fat-by-whey-protein
These are mainly consumed by people who have special needs like muscle building, athletic performances, losing weight and so on. Though protein shakes can be made at home by mixing protein powder with water; some pre-made liquid shakes are also available in the market. Some varieties include whey protein, soy protein, rice protein, casein protein, hemp protein and so on.

Protein shakes curb appetite and hunger

There are two ways in which protein shakes help in curbing appetite and hunger in individuals. Our body contains appetite reducing hormones naturally. The levels of these hormones – GLP-1, CCK and PYY are increased by the protein shakes. On the other hand, the level of hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced considerably with this supplement. This helps in reducing hunger pangs and curbs appetite in individuals. Moreover, intake of protein rich supplements helps in keeping one full for longer period of time. This is the reason it is recommended to consume high-protein breakfast so that there is no need to consume high calorie food all throughout the day. The body gets its complete nutrition without adding on extra calories. As a result, weight loss is guaranteed.

Protein rich supplements help in losing weight particularly from belly area

Innumerable research results and study reports have shown that energy shot/drink have helped in losing weight successfully particularly from the belly area. More fat is lost from the body without much effort with the help of protein rich supplements. The supplements that are taken can be whey protein or any other kind of protein shake or drink. Try including the supplements in the diet and see the magical results within short span of time.

Protein shakes help in preventing metabolic slowdown and muscle loss

Diets which promote weight loss often lead to losing muscle mass, which is not at all desirable. And this happens as the metabolic system in the body slows down considerably. What happens is that the weight loss that took place takes a reverse turn with the metabolic system getting slow. And when this happens weight gain starts taking place. When high protein diet is combined with strength training, it can help in preventing muscle loss and keeps the metabolic system under control.

How Whey Protein Helps You Maintain Proper Weight

Being overweight is not desirable. Heredity, sleep, stress, exercise program, eating pattern and sleep schedule play indispensable role in how the body looks and how you feel. You know the drill to maintain proper weight. You may already have tried tricks to drop the stubborn body fat by changing daily routine including what, how much and when you eat and still if you can’t seem to get rid of stubborn body fat, you may try out protein diet, especially whey protein that helps you maintain perfect body weight and thus lets you look fabulous.

What is whey protein?

It is one of the two types of milk protein, the other being casein protein. When any coagulant like rennin gets added to the milk, the whey and casein separate. Whey protein is the water soluble part of the milk. It is often used as protein supplement. It has highest protein digestibility corrected amino acid score or PDCAA – a metric to measure both how well a protein can be digested and how well it supplies amino acid required by an adult. Moreover, it is a complete protein, i.e., it contains all the essential amino acids as well as more branched chain amino acids or BCAAs and leucine than any other protein source.

What are different types of whey protein?

As supplement it comes in three different forms – 1. Whey protein isolates, 2. Whey protein concentrate and 3. Whey protein hydrolysates. whey protein isolate

1. Whey protein isolates – It contains minimum amount of cholesterol, fat and lactose, 90% or more protein. It is available in whey isolate protein powder form.

2. Whey protein concentrate – It contains some lactose and fat, and between 29% to 89% protein depending on the product type. This form of whey protein contains more bioactive compounds.

3. Whey protein hydrolysates – This is often used in clinical nutrition applications as they are partially broken and predigested and thus whey protein is easily absorbable.

How it helps to lose body weight?

  • It satiates appetite – Whey satiates appetite better than other types of protein. Milk proteins are rich in glycomacropeptide – a peptide which stimulates cholecystokinin or CCK which is an intestinal hormone that gets released after having meals and indicates satiety.
  • It contains leucine – Leucine plays an important role in protein synthesis to burn through a few calories. It also fuels up fatty acid oxidation.

Different studies have also shown that whey protein helps people drop unwanted fat. Whey protein is also good for increasing muscle protein synthesis. If you consume best whey protein powder before or after exercising, you can tip the scale in favor of strength gain and muscle growth over time.

What to do besides consuming whey protein to shed body weight?

    • Maintain a food journal and note down whatever you eat. Keeping a log of your daily food intake motivates you to avoid foods that increase your weight and thus you can shed weight faster.
    • Participate in health forums where people discuss about how they have dropped their weight.
    • Get advice from sports nutritionists – they are the best to tell you what food and in what quantity should be consumed as per your age and health.

So this is how whey protein can help you shed extra weight. Simple Google for where to buy whey protein and the search engine giant will provide you with plenty of options. Choose your option and go for it.

Worthy Reasons to Use Whey Protein – It’s not Only the Fuel of Big-bodied Muscles

If you’ve thought that whey protein is the fuel of only the big-bodied people, you’re wrong. Have you been doing a good round of workouts and sticking to full diet which comprises of lean protein, vitamin-rich veggies, fiber, fruits and high quality carbohydrates and still not being able to see the desired results? If answered yes, whey protein can get you some positive results but that doesn’t mean that this is the only reason behind whey protein being a part of your daily routine. In case you’ve been hearing a lot about whey protein but you’re not aware of the far-reaching benefits, here is a list that you may take into account.

  • Preserves muscles and helps you lose fat: Did you recently start curbing on your calorie intake while planning to lose some unnecessary fat? If so, you should be interested to know that there were a group of researchers who conducted a survey on few people whose regular calorie intake was reduced to 500 calories and then they were given whey protein. On the other hand, some other participants were given isocaloric mix beverage. Those who took whey lose a considerable amount of body fat and preserved their muscles in a better way. So, when you have a strong urge to eat something, munch on to a whey protein bar or have some whey isolate protein powder.
  • Doubles strength and size: Have you been hitting the gym and hoping to gain strength? In the University of Waco, 20 men performing resistance training over a period of 10 weeks were offered 14 grams of whey and casein protein with 6 grams of amino acids. Then it was seen that all those who consumed whey had a greater increase in fat-free mass and strength in muscles. Hence, you need to consume whey protein one before exercising and one hour after the same.
  • Curbs your urge to feel hungry and eat: Do you always feel hungry which leads to gulping more food than what is necessary? If yes, whey protein could assist you in reducing your hunger and avert developing a ball-shaped physique. There were some Australian researchers who made 28 obese men take 4 different drinks and among them those who took the beverage containing 50 grams of whey saw significantly reduced levels of ghrelin which tells your brain that you’re hungry till 4 hours. So, rather than munching on party snacks which are unhealthy, drink a protein shake.
  • Fights cancer: Cancer is a lethal disease that has touched a number of people but fortunately there are many ways in which you can protect it. One of the most obvious ways is regular screening for different types of cancer which may run within your family. If you get detected with such disease, remember to get screened regularly and take whey protein in your diet.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about ‘where to buy whey protein’, you can either find them in stores or even get them online. Take into account the above mentioned benefits of whey protein before taking them.

Probabilities High of Banning Powdered Alcohol in Gem State

Rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol keep on changing in the USA. This is done so that people do not get used to a particular regulation and start finding loopholes in the same. One such initiative is the banning of powdered alcohol in almost 27 states in the country. Idaho is another state, which is soon to join these 27 states and ban use of powdered alcohol. It was on 11th January when the first bills were introduced in the Idaho Legislature regarding banning of powdered alcohol. The recommendation for the banning was brought forward by the Idaho Liquor Division.

There are many powdered alcohol products available in the country. Palcohol is the brand name of one such product and it had the approval of being sold in the United States since March 15th, 2015. However, majority of the states in the country have banned this product via petitions from liquor control boards or through legislation actions. As per Jeff Anderson, who is in charge of Liquor Division in Idaho, powdered alcohol has been found to be unnecessary, prone to abuse and extremely dangerous for people who consume the same.

On the other hand, Mark Phillips, who owns the Palcohol brand and is an Arizona entrepreneur, opines that powdered alcohol has less harmful effects than liquid alcohol. Infact to validate his viewpoint, he has provided a comprehensive list on his website as why Palcohol banning is not a good idea. It is quite obvious that there is a tussle going on between the Idaho legislation and the owner of Palcohol brand.

To come to a conclusion on this topic, a public hearing is likely to be conducted on the proposed powdered alcohol ban in the Gem State. The hearing will be conducted by The Idaho House Affairs Committee in the coming weeks.

Powdered alcohol was actually invented in the Grand Canyon State, but the Arizona legislature wanted to ban the product. It was Gov. Doug Ducey, who used his veto pen, so that the use of powdered alcohol could be made legal in the state. When the federal government approved the sales of powdered alcohol in the country, innumerable state legislators filed bills for banning the same.

Mark Phillips opines that Palcohol is marketed as a functional product for situations where carrying liquid alcohol is troublesome. Liquid alcohol has good weight and carrying it might be a problem for many people, particularly kayakers and hikers. It is now a wait and watch situation as what happens in Idaho regarding banning of the product.

John Brown has written this article. He is an associate writer of Sita Impex, which is a private lebel supplement manufacture,  and supplies high quality health supplements to various countries like, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and many others.

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