Welcome to the World of Energy Drinks, Shots, Capsules and More – All are Safe and Certified

Welcome to the blog of Sita Impex – a Private Label Manufacturer of various kinds of energy drinks, isotonic drinks, protein shakes, activated charcoal capsules, and other kinds of dietary supplements. The food facility of Sita Impex is registered with USFDA. Along with membership of the Indo German Chamber of Commerce, Sita Impex also has many prestigious certifications including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, GMP and JAS-ANZ. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has provided some of the best energy drinks and other kinds of dietary supplements to customers in various parts of the world.

Products manufactured by Sita Impex follow the strictest guidelines and pass through rigorous quality checks before they are launched in the market for consumers. The products manufactured and marketed by the company have been certified to be safe for consumption and have no side effects as well. The company has target markets all across the globe including United States of America, European Union nations, Australia-New Zealand, Latin American nations, United Kingdom and Middle East/Arabian countries.

Here are the categories of products that are specialties of Sita Impex:

  • Capsules – activated charcoal capsule, aloe vera capsule, creatine capsules, turmeric capsules, green tea capsule, fenugreek capsule, libido booster capsule, biotin capsules, detox capsules etc.
  • Fruit Juices – banana juice, pineapple juice, papaya juice, strawberry juice, watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, guava juice, grape juice, orange juice etc.
  • Drops – vitamin B12 drops, vitamin D3 drops, probiotic drops, tulsi drops
  • Drinks – chocolate drink, energy drink, aloe vera drink, isotonic drink, protein drink, oral glucose tolerance test drink, Irish crèame liqueur, cane sugar drink, malt drink (non-alcoholic), vitamin water drink, probiotic drink, basil drink, digestive drink, beta carotene drink, caffeinated drink, milk drink, collagen drink, relaxation drink etc.
  • Powder – whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate
  • Shots – beta carotene shot, tan shot, vitamin shot, energy shot, libido booster/tribulus shot