How Whey Protein Helps You Maintain Proper Weight

Being overweight is not desirable. Heredity, sleep, stress, exercise program, eating pattern and sleep schedule play indispensable role in how the body looks and how you feel. You know the drill to maintain proper weight. You may already have tried tricks to drop the stubborn body fat by changing daily routine including what, how much and when you eat and still if you can’t seem to get rid of stubborn body fat, you may try out protein diet, especially whey protein that helps you maintain perfect body weight and thus lets you look fabulous.

What is whey protein?

It is one of the two types of milk protein, the other being casein protein. When any coagulant like rennin gets added to the milk, the whey and casein separate. Whey protein is the water soluble part of the milk. It is often used as protein supplement. It has highest protein digestibility corrected amino acid score or PDCAA – a metric to measure both how well a protein can be digested and how well it supplies amino acid required by an adult. Moreover, it is a complete protein, i.e., it contains all the essential amino acids as well as more branched chain amino acids or BCAAs and leucine than any other protein source.

What are different types of whey protein?

As supplement it comes in three different forms – 1. Whey protein isolates, 2. Whey protein concentrate and 3. Whey protein hydrolysates. whey protein isolate

1. Whey protein isolates – It contains minimum amount of cholesterol, fat and lactose, 90% or more protein. It is available in whey isolate protein powder form.

2. Whey protein concentrate – It contains some lactose and fat, and between 29% to 89% protein depending on the product type. This form of whey protein contains more bioactive compounds.

3. Whey protein hydrolysates – This is often used in clinical nutrition applications as they are partially broken and predigested and thus whey protein is easily absorbable.

How it helps to lose body weight?

  • It satiates appetite – Whey satiates appetite better than other types of protein. Milk proteins are rich in glycomacropeptide – a peptide which stimulates cholecystokinin or CCK which is an intestinal hormone that gets released after having meals and indicates satiety.
  • It contains leucine – Leucine plays an important role in protein synthesis to burn through a few calories. It also fuels up fatty acid oxidation.

Different studies have also shown that whey protein helps people drop unwanted fat. Whey protein is also good for increasing muscle protein synthesis. If you consume best whey protein powder before or after exercising, you can tip the scale in favor of strength gain and muscle growth over time.

What to do besides consuming whey protein to shed body weight?

    • Maintain a food journal and note down whatever you eat. Keeping a log of your daily food intake motivates you to avoid foods that increase your weight and thus you can shed weight faster.
    • Participate in health forums where people discuss about how they have dropped their weight.
    • Get advice from sports nutritionists – they are the best to tell you what food and in what quantity should be consumed as per your age and health.

So this is how whey protein can help you shed extra weight. Simple Google for where to buy whey protein and the search engine giant will provide you with plenty of options. Choose your option and go for it.

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