Probabilities High of Banning Powdered Alcohol in Gem State

Rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol keep on changing in the USA. This is done so that people do not get used to a particular regulation and start finding loopholes in the same. One such initiative is the banning of powdered alcohol in almost 27 states in the country. Idaho is another state, which is soon to join these 27 states and ban use of powdered alcohol. It was on 11th January when the first bills were introduced in the Idaho Legislature regarding banning of powdered alcohol. The recommendation for the banning was brought forward by the Idaho Liquor Division.

There are many powdered alcohol products available in the country. Palcohol is the brand name of one such product and it had the approval of being sold in the United States since March 15th, 2015. However, majority of the states in the country have banned this product via petitions from liquor control boards or through legislation actions. As per Jeff Anderson, who is in charge of Liquor Division in Idaho, powdered alcohol has been found to be unnecessary, prone to abuse and extremely dangerous for people who consume the same.

On the other hand, Mark Phillips, who owns the Palcohol brand and is an Arizona entrepreneur, opines that powdered alcohol has less harmful effects than liquid alcohol. Infact to validate his viewpoint, he has provided a comprehensive list on his website as why Palcohol banning is not a good idea. It is quite obvious that there is a tussle going on between the Idaho legislation and the owner of Palcohol brand.

To come to a conclusion on this topic, a public hearing is likely to be conducted on the proposed powdered alcohol ban in the Gem State. The hearing will be conducted by The Idaho House Affairs Committee in the coming weeks.

Powdered alcohol was actually invented in the Grand Canyon State, but the Arizona legislature wanted to ban the product. It was Gov. Doug Ducey, who used his veto pen, so that the use of powdered alcohol could be made legal in the state. When the federal government approved the sales of powdered alcohol in the country, innumerable state legislators filed bills for banning the same.

Mark Phillips opines that Palcohol is marketed as a functional product for situations where carrying liquid alcohol is troublesome. Liquid alcohol has good weight and carrying it might be a problem for many people, particularly kayakers and hikers. It is now a wait and watch situation as what happens in Idaho regarding banning of the product.

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