A sneak Peek into the Little Known Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Your Health and skin

You must have definitely heard of activated charcoal in TV commercials of face washes, face creams but have you ever wondered about the many benefits of this component? In the medical field, activated charcoal has been used since a long time now to treat poisoning caused due to drugs, chemicals, and snake bites and is also one of the main things used in water filters. Nowadays activated charcoal has reached home and is now easily available in any chemist shop in the form of tablets and capsules. Active charcoal is mixed with oxygen and then it is used to prepare for human skincare products.

    • Exfoliates your skin: You may feel it looks silly but the carbonated bubble clay mask is perhaps the brand new health hack which has got too many people talking about charcoal. Once you apply the grey cream on your face and leave it for few minutes, the mask starts bubbling and your face looks like light grey cloud. These bubbles exfoliate the ski and leave your skin looking fresh and glowing. You can buy activated charcoal and products containing it online.


  • Whitens your teeth: Though you may run the risk of looking like an alien from a zombie film when you go to try out this extremely natural remedy for your teeth, but there are many people who swear by the thing that it has got immense teeth whitening powers. The natural adhesive qualities of charcoal allow it to bind with all strains on your teeth surface and helps eliminate them.

  • Rids off bloating: Feeling uncomfortable and bloated is something which we all have experienced but don’t you think it would be nice to treat your disturbed tummy with charcoal pills rather than treating it with medicine? A medical study found out that activated charcoal prevents gas from forming inside the intestine even after eating a gas-producing meal. Hence you can look for activated charcoal to stop your gastro problems.

  • Eliminates hangovers: Do you feel that those hangovers will gradually get worse to worst as you get older? Though charcoal is not able to absorb alcohol, it can definitely take care of all the other toxins which are left inside our body after drinking different kinds of alcohol. If you take activated charcoal capsule after drinking, you can definitely get rid of the strange feeling of hangover.

  • Blackhead and acne treatment: When your pores get blocked, blackheads and acne appear on your skin. You may depend on charcoal to sort out all such tough-to-cleanse areas by pulling off impurities and dirt. There are many others who feel that applying charcoal along with natural ingredients can do good to their skin. Much like a mud bath or mud facial for your face!

The absorbing power of charcoal makes it a useful substance which is used for treating many kind of health discomforts. It can also be highly effective in curing a stomach upset. Take into account the above benefits before using active charcoal for anything.