Including Activated Charcoal Capsule Supplement For Health Benefits

Activated Charcoal Capsule

There was a time when people did not understand the concept of activated charcoal. To them charcoal was the residue left at the fireplace after the embers die and cool off. Infact charcoal was extensively used in barbecue for heating as well as flavoring. But activated charcoal is entirely different from this. Activated charcoal is made from carbon-dense materials, which include items like coal, coconut husks, wood, peat or nut shells. These materials have been activated using gases like nitrogen or argon and then exposed to extremely high temperatures. What results from the processing is an odorless, tasteless black carbon powder, which has expanded surface area. This form of carbon comes with innumerable health benefits.

How activated charcoal works

It is important to understand how activated charcoal works to know the benefits that are obtained through activated charcoal capsule. There are millions of miniscule pores on the expansive surface area of activated charcoal. This lets the charcoal bind with various kinds of chemicals and harmful toxins. There is negative charge in the porous surface of the charcoal and it pulls toxins and gases, which are positively charged towards itself and forms a bond. Once the bond is established to the charcoal, the unwanted and harmful substances are pulled out of the body successfully. Absorption of toxins by the body can be minimized by almost 60% with the help of activated charcoal supplements.

Health benefits obtained from activated charcoal

Activated charcoal supplements bring in various health benefits. Read on to know about some of the important ones:

1. Helps in improving skin health: You might have watched many commercials on television on skin care products, which claim that they have activated charcoal/carbon in them. This is because the ingredient plays a pivotal role in skincare and skin health. Activated charcoal helps in skin exfoliation, removes harmful bacteria from skin surface, balances the pH levels in the skin, and minimizes pores and so on. Since activated charcoal has antibacterial qualities, it can help in spot treatments, prevents acne and pimples and also assures that further acne and pimple breakouts don’t take place. It is possible to have clear complexion and smooth skin. Body odor can also be combated with activated charcoal as the toxins which are responsible for causing the odor are trapped and eliminated.

2. Helps in reducing high cholesterol levels: When bought from the best activated charcoal capsule manufacturers, this supplement shows great abilities in increasing good cholesterol levels in the body and reducing bad cholesterol. The results are as good as prescription medicines. In a study it has been seen that patients who had high levels of cholesterol and took activate charcoal capsules thrice a day, showed reduction of 25% in total cholesterol levels. The HDL-LDL cholesterol ratio is also doubled with the supplement intake. Along with keeping cholesterol levels under control, the supplement also helps in preventing abnormal hardening of coronary blood vessels.

3. Prevents bloating and gas problems: Activated charcoal in the form of tablets or capsules can help in alleviating gas issues and bloating considerably. Generally the components in food, which contribute to bloating and gas formation, bind to the activated charcoal and provide relief from the symptoms excellently. The only thing that has to be kept in mind while taking these supplements is that abundant water must be drunk. This helps the charcoal from the supplement to get into the system quickly and start functioning. These tablets are best taken between meals so that the supplement can work in the most efficient manner.

4. Helps in detoxification of the digestive system: The digestive system in the body is a complex system with millions of bacteria working their way. A healthy digestive tract is guaranteed with the help of activated charcoal supplement as it has the capacity of absorbing and removing all kinds of environmental toxins from the system. These toxins cause various kinds of adverse reactions in the body including allergic reactions. Infact they also hamper functioning of the immune system. With regular intake of the supplement, detoxification of the system takes place on daily basis and no toxin accumulation takes place. A great way to ensure healthy and fit body.

5. Helps in relieving rashes, bites, acne and other skin problems: Poison ivy rashes, insect bites, snake bites etc. cause immense itching and pain and discomfort. You might not know but activated charcoal is a handy solution for all these problems. If there is poisonous sting from beeormosquito, take activated charcoal tablet or capsule and mix the same with coconut oil (½ tablespoon). Apply it on the affected area. Since this can stain clothing, cover the area with a bandage. Reapplication is needed after 30 minutes till the pain, stinging sensation and irritability decrease.Along with insect bites and stings, activated charcoal when mixed with 2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel can help in dealing with acne problems successfully. The mixture should be applied on acne and left to dry. The activated charcoal pulls out the toxins from the acne and Aloe Vera provides soothing effect.

6. Promotes teeth whitening: Activated charcoal has proved to be highly effective in promoting teeth whitening. Not only this, it helps in removing plaque from teeth as well. As a result, problems of bad breathe and bacterial buildup in the mouth are also combated. Using activated charcoal toothpaste helps in fighting many teeth problems successfully. Gums are also strengthened in the process. Activated charcoal can be used directly on the teeth for teeth whitening. Just ensure that you wash the mouth thoroughly afterwards so that there are no traces of charcoal left there.

Many people look to buy such supplements in bulk. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to get in touch with activated charcoal capsule exporters or wholesalers. These capsules and tablets are now abundantly available in the market as well.

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