Activated Charcoal And Its Relation To Skincare And Hair Care

activated charcoal uses

Till a long time, activated charcoal was considered as a detox ingredient which could be included in the diet for combating various health issues. However, with passage of time, this excellent ingredient found its way into the cosmetic industry and reigned at the beauty aisle at various general as well as departmental stores.

Using activated charcoal for skin and hair

Activated charcoal is black in color and definitely this color is neither very suitable to be used on face or on hair nor does it look glamorous. However, this ingredient abounds in innumerable health benefits when used in the right manner. This active ingredient us being widely used in various food products like ice creams, yogurts, lemonade and other eatables. The color of the food items is black and it might not look very appetizing, but there are many benefits of these and there is not much alteration in the taste as well.

Along with this, activated charcoal can also be used on the skin and for hair care. This gritty black ingredient helps in purification of skin and hair. Adding activated charcoal to the beauty routine has fetched quite good amounts of positive results. Since activated charcoal attracts all the toxins towards itself, it helps in skin and hair detoxification. It provides deep cleansing. The best thing is that since activated charcoal is a completely natural ingredient, there are no fears of any kinds of side effects taking place from the same. This is the reason activated charcoal powder manufacturers get higher orders from the cosmetic industry now.

Mentioned below are some of the ways in which activated charcoal works for the hair and skin in the body:

Helps in balancing oily skin – If you are the one suffering from oily skin, activate charcoal might be the perfect answer for balancing the whole thing. The ingredient can be used in a mask or as a cleanser and it will pull out all the unwanted and extra oil from the skin surface, making the skin smooth and supple. This must be done just once or twice a week so that the skin doesn’t become super dry. People with dry skin shouldn’t use this ingredient on skin at all.

Smaller skin pores – Skin pores get clogged by various pollutants around us including sweat, sebum, dirt, dust and oils. Air pollution brings on havoc on the skin. Clogged pores lead to various kinds of skin problems along with affecting one’s complexion. When activated charcoal is used in the form of face mask, it clings to the dirt and pulls it out of the pores thus unclogging them. The pores become less visible on the skin and the skin also gets a fresh feeling. Using a good exfoliating scrub with this brings in more effective results.

Helps in deep cleansing of skin – Use of activated charcoal in skin cleansers has become quite common nowadays. However, these cleansers are usually strong when compared to other cleansers and they might deplete the skin of essential oils and moisturizer when used on regular basis. They should be used maximum twice a week. Along with presence of activated charcoal, check the other ingredients which are used in the making of the cleanser.

Helps in treating acne – There are many reason which contribute to the formation of acne on skin. When activated charcoal is being thought of being used for acne, there are some factors which have to be considered. One must know the cause of acne, the severity of it and also if there are other problems. Gentle exfoliation is also needed so in the soap form, it seems to be slightly gritty and coarse kind. Excess oils are absorbed from the skin. Along with treating acne, activated charcoal is also excellent for spot treatment. Use activated charcoal as mini mask just for the blemish area.

Helps in healing and soothing skin irritations, cuts and bites – Activated charcoal helps in accelerating the healing process and brings relief to the symptoms of cuts, bites and skin irritations. If there are minor animal stings, bites scrapes or cuts, activated charcoal can be applied topically. The absorption of venom and spreading of infection can be restricted with the help of activated charcoal when applied topically. Pain and inflammation are also reduced with activated charcoal.

Helps in dealing with scalp problems – Scalp problems are not uncommon. Innumerable people suffer from itchy and oily scalp along with redness of scalp and dandruff. Activated charcoal can be used as scalp treatment before shampooing or even be used in the shampoo. This ingredient will help in pulling out toxins from the scalp and clean it from deep within. Effective results can be seen. Dirt and oils are removed from the hair and scalp without disrupting the natural moisture levels of the scalp.

Helps in adding volume to the hair – When there is load of oils and dirt in the hair, it tends to sag and loses its luster and volume. Due to pollution, the hair tends to accumulate lots of dirt, dust and other particles from outside. Surface dirt and oils are removed with regular shampoos. However, for deep cleaning, activated charcoal is an excellent component. This component also does not leave any residue making the hair lighter and voluminous.

With increasing demands of activated charcoal, the numbers of activated charcoal capsule exporters and activated charcoal capsule suppliers are also increasing. Each of them is trying to deliver the best products so that people can benefit from the goodness of activated charcoal.