Great Market Growth Expected For Whey Protein Manufacturers

whey protein powder

You must have heard about whey protein powders and drinks. It is true that the mention of whey protein is mainly heard in regards of athletes and sportspersons who need more energy etc. However, you might not know that apart from this, whey protein is used in many other industries including frozen foods and dairy products, confectionery and bakery items, beverages, sports nutrition, medicine, meat products and so on. Whey protein concentrate comes with excellent moisture retaining property which is highly effective in the case of meat processing. As a result, the market growth is directly impacted with this ingredient. It is estimated that by the year 2022, demands of whey protein will be quite high. Orders of whey protein bulk purchase will become a common thing.

Whey protein and its benefits

Whey protein is derived from whey during the process of cheese production. Whey protein plays a crucial role in improving athletic performance in people. There are many people who are lactose intolerant and this ingredient is a great substitute for such people. More and more numbers of people are now looking for functional food and dietary supplements. This has led to high demands of whey protein ingredients.

Millennial and young people have become highly health conscious now and they are actively participating in various kinds of exercises and sports and other kinds of activities. Casual sports activities are being loved by many people. It is obvious that in such situations, enhanced protein intake is kind of mandatory. Inclination and interest towards sports and fitness is on the rise. You will see that many people nowadays take supplements and nutritional drinks.

Along with its benefits for the human body, there are many other characteristics of whey protein and this is the reason that its demands are high in all kinds of industries. It is seen that whey protein ingredients are used extensively in various kinds of meat products for special characteristics like water-binding and viscosity, solubility, gelation, emulsification, organoleptic properties and adhesion. Whey protein concentrates are used in adhering batter or breadcrumbs to meat so that the rheological properties of the meat are retained. Whet protein concentrate also has moisture retaining properties and it is very effective in the case of meat processing. Market growth is boosted considerably with this natural ingredient.

Market report regarding whey protein concentrate

Whether you are whey protein private label company or any dealer of whey protein, you will have to know and study the market trends to understand the demands of the market and the ways in which it is functioning. In the year 2015, the global market value of the ingredient was $8,216 million. However, by the year 2022, it is estimated that the global market value for whey protein concentrate will increase to $15,037 million. This means that the market is growing at a CGAR of 9.2% from 2016 to 2022. In 2015, the segment of whey protein concentrate held more than 2/5th parts of the total market share.

Currently, the whey protein concentrate market is seeing excellent opportunities globally as more and more people are becoming conscious regarding the benefits of protein healthy diet. As a supplement, whey protein concentrate is manufactured after a low of processes including that of de-filtration, ultra filtration, electro-dialysis and ion-exchange process. Whey protein concentrate is actually obtained from cheese processing. Certain amounts of non-protein constituents are removed from pasteurized whey to get whey protein concentrate.

The levels of carbohydrates (lactose) are low in whey protein concentrate. The percentage of protein is also low ranging from 30-80%. Many doctors as well as dietitians are recommending the intake of whey protein concentrate as more numbers of customers are asking for protein supplements in their regular diets. As per obtained reports, it has been seen that the sports nutrition segment accounts for about 1/6th share, when it comes to volume – statistics of 2015. Along with this segment, there are many other segments in which demands of whey protein concentrates are increasing steadily. These markets include beverages industry, baking and confectionery industry etc. While 80% increase in demands of whey protein has been seen in sports nutrition segment, 35% increase has been seen in proteins supplement industry as well.

It is a golden opportunity for whey protein manufacturers to boost their business as the demands of these products are quite high in the developing nations of the world as well along with the developed countries. With increasing numbers of working women globally, whey protein concentrate are being extensively used in infant formula.