Activated Charcoal and the Connection to Contraceptive Pills

activated charcoal capsules

It is a well-known fact that more and more numbers of people are seen to be obsessed with various kinds of supplement intake and activated charcoal leads the list in the same. If you take a look around you will see people eating various kinds of inky foodstuffs, black yogurts, black ice creams and smoothies and so on. People have been getting great benefits from the same and are not hesitant in flaunting the same on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Activated charcoal is available in various forms – capsules and powdered forms are the most common ones. Due to the increasing demands of this supplement, there has been a rise in the numbers of activated charcoal capsule private label manufacturer.

Controversies with activated charcoal capsules

Though the supplement is high in demands and in sales, the ingredient is not free completely from its share of controversies. Many might not know that the product was banned in New York by the Department of Health as it was tagged to be ‘adulterated food’. This indicated that the ingredient was unwholesome, impure and most importantly unsafe. It is quite obvious that the question arose as what dangers could be there from activated charcoal. After good amounts of study and research, it was found out that activated charcoal capsules or powder could made oral contraceptives ineffective. This became quite an alarming issue as many women are regular consumers of contraceptive pills and activated charcoal capsules – both.

Understanding what is activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is available in the form of jet black powder. Various kinds of materials like coal, coconut shells, sawdust etc. are burnt and then processed at extremely high temperatures. This processing makes the charcoal powder highly porous in nature – way higher than that of normal charcoal. Activated charcoal is hailed globally for having excellent absorbing and detoxifying properties. It has many benefits for the body. Cases of poisoning can be handled excellently by tis natural ingredient for its binding property. It binds with the toxins in the system and eliminates the same, thus curing the ailment. Absorption of the toxins in the system is prevented with this natural ingredient. Hospitals and medical centers purchase activated charcoal capsule bulk from bulk activated charcoal suppliers for they can be used in various kinds of treatments.

The effect that activated charcoal capsules can have on contraceptives

It has been discussed previously that activated charcoal supplements help in absorbing harmful toxins in the system and pass them out of the body. However, some medical research has shown that this ingredient also has the ill effect of absorbing good stuffs from the body, which includes medications and some kinds of vitamins. Nutritional therapists have opined that activated charcoal can be categorized under ‘adsorbents’ and they trap toxins and harmful elements from the system and eliminate them from the system. However, along with these, these supplements might hinder the effectiveness of contraceptive pills significantly. Other kinds of medications might also be less effective in that case. It is also to be taken note that the ineffectiveness is only rendered true for oral contraceptive pills. If implants and coils are used for contraception, the supplement will have no effect on the same. It is because with the other methods of contraception, the necessary hormones are sent right into the bloodstream and there is no case of ingestion.

What can be done regarding the issue?

It is true that the fact of activated charcoal capsule hindering effectiveness of contraceptive pills has not been completely and thoroughly established, but nutrition experts opine that being safe is always better than being sorry for something. As per their advice, it is recommended to take the supplement and the contraceptive pill at an interval of minimum 2 hours so that there is no hampering in the working and effectiveness of both the oral pills. Also, it is recommended that one must not overdo the dosage of activated charcoal as it might do more harm than doing good.

Snacking with the ultra-trendy ingredient is indeed a great idea, but remaining careful is also extremely important. Last but not the least, it is important to ensure from where to buy activated charcoal capsule – the source should be trusted and reliable one.