Electrolyte Powder

electrolyte powder

Ingredients and Description

Electrolyte powder contains all the essential salts to replenish the body. Our electrolyte powder requires to be filled in stick packs or sachets. The electrolyte powder is custom manufactured, made according to your specifications.

Improved Hydration: Electrolyte powders can boost hydration, especially during vigorous exercise or hot weather. They help maintain fluid balance in the body.
Enhanced Athletic Performance: Proper hydration with electrolytes can positively impact athletic performance by preventing dehydration and supporting muscle function.
Muscle and Tissue Recovery: After intense workouts, electrolytes aid in muscle recovery and tissue repair.
Healthy Cellular and Nerve Function: Electrolytes are essential for cellular communication and nerve impulses.

Bulk Supply
We offer Electrolyte Powder packed in bulk, in aluminium foil bags for repacking in sachets or stick packs

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Lime Lemon

Pack size
5 kg aluminium foil bag

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