How Modern Skincare Uses Activated Charcoal – The Ancient Ingredient

activated charcoal for skin

Commercials on skincare products often show a special ingredient used in them – activated charcoal. Well, that black colored ingredient might not seem to be the best looking thing on earth, but it definitely has some excellent properties making it highly popular with health enthusiasts, cosmetic companies and even in the food and beverage industry. Activated charcoal capsules are high in demands with people as health supplements. Infact trends show that activated charcoal capsule manufacturers are struggling to keep up to the demands.

Use of activated charcoal since ancient times

If you thought that activated charcoal was the invention of modern times, you are highly mistaken. Used since ancient times in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, activated charcoal’s benefits had been leveraged since a long time. This ingredient works in detoxification remedies and helps in flushing out all harmful toxins from the system. Not only this, ancient Greeks and Egyptians recommended activated charcoal as a multi-purpose antidote for various kinds of ailments as well as poisoning. Problems of drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning could be treated in the most effective manner in hospital emergency rooms as the ingredient prevented the absorption of the poison from the stomach into the whole body. Now, the use of activated charcoal can be seen in many other domains and all it does is good for the body.

Why is activated charcoal a toxin magnet?

Many people are looking for activated charcoal capsule bulk purchase. It is obvious that there must be a valid reason behind the same. Activated charcoal mainly comes in the form of fine black powder. It is nontoxic, odorless and tasteless. Coconut shells or wood is burned/charred in absence of oxygen for making activated charcoal. The charcoal is activated via the heat and creates millions of nooks, tiny pores and crannies. Negative electric charge can be felt on the surface of the activated charcoal powder and this attracts the positively charged toxins to be attracted to the same and stick to it. The surface area of activated charcoal powder is extensive due to the innumerable pores present in the ingredient. Activated charcoal does not get absorbed by the body and hence the toxins which stick to the surface move out of the body easily without causing any kind of harm to the body.

Beauty and cosmetic products and use of activated charcoal in the same

We all are aware of the incessant pollution and the harmful effects of which can be seen on the skin of people. Various kinds of cosmetic products are available in the market, which claim to reduce the effects of pollution on the skin and help the skin look good and healthy. However, many of these products contain harmful chemical components and ingredients, which cause unwanted side effects.

It is right at this point that activated charcoal powder made its entry into the cosmetic product market. Dermatologists and skin care specialists and experts vouch strongly for the absorption capabilities and detox properties of activated charcoal. This helps in combating the negative effects of pollutants and harmful chemicals in the environment. Rapid aging signs, cellular damage and inflammation are some of the most common symptoms which can be seen. Skincare products containing activated charcoal will help in providing the much needed protection against the toxins, which tend to bind to the skin and cause skin damage. Activated charcoal soaps, face masks, face washes, facial mist or even facial creams are available and high in demands. The toxins are removed from the face in the most gentle and soft manner. Skincare products containing activated charcoal are great for retaining balance in oily skin as excess oil is removed and the pores on the face remain unclogged. The skin has a fresh and healthy appearance.

Where to buy activated charcoal capsule?

Activated charcoal capsules are probably supplements, which are highest in demands in the market. However, it is important that the product is bought from a reliable place. Not all black colored capsules are pure and authentic activated charcoal capsules. Take out some time and make a thorough search on the internet for the places from where you can buy authentic activated charcoal capsules at the best rates. Include these magical pills in your diet regimen and you can feel the difference after few days.