The ‘Dirty’ Activated Charcoal Powder And Its Amazing Qualities

Activated charcoal capsules

Using natural ingredients for overall well being has been gaining immense popularity with people globally. Since the last few years it was seen that activated charcoal was used extensively in beauty care products like body bars, black masks, scrubs, cleansers etc. It is because the ingredient helps in cleansing and refreshing acne-prone skin, which is oily in nature. Gradually it was found that along with cleansing the skin and the exterior body parts, activate charcoal can help in internal cleansing of the system as well. On consuming activate charcoal capsules as supplements, the body derives many benefits. The most important thing is that these supplements ensure overall well being of an individual in the best possible manner. Activated charcoal capsules

With increasing demands of these supplements, more and more numbers of activated charcoal capsule manufacturers are making their mark in the supplement industry. There are many activated charcoal capsule exporters as well as more people are looking for these supplements. Read on to know about some of the amazing benefits that this small ‘dirty’ black capsule can offer:

Helps in relieving bloating and gas problems – Bloating and gas problems can become highly uncomfortable. Instead of popping in pills for getting relief, try including activated charcoal capsule supplement in your daily routine as this helps in alleviating the problem to a great extent. It is recommended to take such supplements one hour prior to the meal and drink sufficient water after that so that the activated charcoal can get into the system and help in alleviating the issue of bloating and gas.

Acts as excellent teeth whitener – Teeth stains are not an uncommon problem. The stains can be caused from various factors including excessive intake of caffeinated drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco and so on. Using activated charcoal powder helps in whitening the teeth by removing the stains. Moreover, good oral health is ensured. It is possible to prevent bad breath, keep cavities at bay, prevent gum disease and most importantly maintain pH balance in the mouth. Using activated charcoal powder for teeth stain removal is simple. Use a wet toothbrush and dip in the activated charcoal powder. Now brush the teeth as normal. Keep it like that for few minutes and wash the mouth thoroughly.

Helps in cleansing the digestive tract – The digestive system is one of the most important systems of the body. Problem in this system can jeopardize the entire well-being of an individual. Activated charcoal capsule helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system by removing toxins from the system, which might cause various kinds of allergic reactions. Removal of the toxins from the system ensure better digestive system, strong immune system, better joint health, improved mental functions and heightened energy levels. Toxic burdens from the system can be lowered with consumption of this supplement.

Cleansing of molds – We know that mold and mildew develop on the walls or in other areas of the house. But do we know that this mold can actually hamper our health drastically? Well, it might sound strange but it is true that mold poisoning can be dangerous. Toxic mold might lead to various health problems including heart ailments, decreased brain functionalities, liver and kidney failure, headache, impaired functioning of immune system, eye irritation, high respiratory distress, depression and so on. Taking activated charcoal capsules can help in combating these problems excellently. Along with taking the supplement, it is highly recommended to take proper steps for mold removal. Proper protection should be taken for mold removal so that health problems don’t rise from the same.

Keeps high cholesterol levels under control – There are two kinds of cholesterol in the human body – good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. It is obvious from the name that increased bad cholesterol levels and lowered good cholesterol levels is not good for the health. Activated charcoal capsules helps in maintaining the right cholesterol levels in the body. This can be done by many prescription medicines too, but the effects of the capsules are splendid.

Activated charcoal acts as anti-aging – Activated charcoal helps in preventing cellular damage for liver and kidneys and other parts of the body. The component also helps in maintaining and supporting healthy adrenal glands. Chemicals and toxins are removed from the body on regular basis with consumption of these supplement capsules. Aging is a normal process but the effects are seen when the toxins are not removed from the system. These capsules combat the appearance of aging signs on the skin.